The Eagle’s Revenge is now available!

The Anunnaki have defeated humanity. And they want the Eagle’s head…

Humanity’s final push against the Anunnaki has failed, forcing Earth’s militaries to surrender. Still recovering from her last mission, the Eagle is shocked to learn that the Anunnaki will only accept peace in exchange for her life.

When the Eagle’s handler reveals one final mission to save America, she knows she has no choice but to accept. But it’s clear he has ulterior motives.

If the Eagle wants to free the United States from Anunnaki occupation, she will have to battle ruthless human mercenaries, capture two of the Anunnaki’s most important leaders, and find the man responsible for killing her son.

The Eagle’s Revenge is a sequel to The Eagle’s Last Stand and a prequel novella in The Aldrinverse, a YA sci-fi series full of compelling characters, engaging action, and intense adventures.

Pick up The Eagle’s Revenge now and discover America’s fate!

My 2018 Release Goals

Update: I’m holding off on the satirical sci-fi novel. Going straight to the space opera.

I’m working on several new stories for 2018. The Aldrinverse series has been pretty fleshed out (I will probably finish the series with a 5th book in 2019), so, for now, I’m shifting gears to other series. The most current entry, The Eagle’s Revenge will be out by the middle of this month. The Eagle’s Revenge will serve as a prequel to The Deadliest Earthling and a sequel to The Eagle’s Last Stand.

Then I’m planning to release a satirical sci-fi novel set in a brand new universe. Consider it a twist on the classic Space Marine-Bug trope (my short story, The Red Queen, was also a twist on that trope, but a much darker one). This one will be more in the vein of, say, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

My big project….

I am also working on a sci-fi space opera epic series. Political intrigue? Check. Advanced interstellar warfare? Check. Space mecha? Check. A ton of alien species ranging from sentient bacteria to 5th dimensional entities? Check. And I haven’t even gotten to the coolest stuff yet.

To put it into perspective, the story bible (a common author tool that contains story notes, character bios, plot elements, setting details, etc) is 30 pages and growing!

I will be publishing both a novel-The Master War (working title)-and a prequel novella-The Harvest (working title)-later this year as part of the new series.

Here’s looking forward to a productive and entertaining new year!

The Eagle’s Last Stand is Available Now!

The Eagle is unarmed, badly injured, and surrounded by enemy forces.

As one of Earth’s finest soldiers, she must break into a highly-defended Anunnaki base in the middle of war-torn Los Angeles and rescue a girl who knows humanity’s most precious military secrets. Secrets that will doom Earth’s resistance. She has less than ten hours. After that it will be too late.

If she hopes to stop the Anunnaki’s plans to conquer the Earth, she’ll have to betray her best friend.

The Eagle’s Last Stand is a prequel novella in The Aldrinverse, a YA sci-fi series full of compelling characters, engaging action, and intense adventures.

Pick up The Eagle’s Last Stand now for FREE and discover the Eagle’s fate!

The Deadliest Earthlings Available Now!


Humanity is losing the war against the Anunnaki. Badly.

Johnny and Sarah struggle to hold down the fort after their friend betrays them, giving the Anunnaki their most powerful weapon. The boy who wields thunder has abandoned the cause. A rogue Anunnaki prisoner puts humanity’s best warrior into a coma. A traitor sells Aladdin out to the Annunaki.

And the resistance leader, the Eagle, has gone MIA.

Things have never looked worse for humanity.

Can Johnny, Sarah, Olton and Aladdin put their differences aside and save humanity from the brink of extinction?

Get your copy of The Deadliest Earthlings today to find out…

The Deadliest Earthlings Slated for 2017 Release

Earlier this year I did some hard thinking about what I wanted to write as well as what I should write. I realized that I needed to complete The Deadliest Earthlings, book 4 in The Aldrinverse. Regardless of what other distractions life brings, I’ve found myself drawn again and again back to the keyboard. I’m now revising the story of Johnny, Olton, and Aladdin’s great adventure together. And the closer I get to finishing the edits, the more excited I get about working on it. I’m hoping to begin serious editing in the summer. If all goes well, The Deadliest Earthlings will be out by October. Is there a chance I will have to delay it? Yes. But I definitely plan to release it around fall. No question. It will be out later this year.


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