Don’t you just get sick of reading those generic about pages? No? Well, we’ve learned something about each other already.

In any case, here are the important highlights:

I was born in Hollywood, California and grew up in northeast Los Angeles. As far as age/background, let’s just say I’m a Mexican-American millennial.

In high school my best and favorite subject was English. Ironically I hated to read (I attempted Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers in 10th grade, but got sick of it within a few chapters-later when I was twenty-two I read it within a few weeks).

For college, I went to USC. I am currently unmarried and have zero children, which some might think is too few, but I think is just right. I have one older brother, who also writes. I often “talk shop” with him and trade feedback. Together we publish work under our imprint, Mo Bros Books.

In my free time, I enjoy boxing (both watching and partaking in the sweet science), hiking, face-palming about society’s stupidity, and the occasional video game session.

I mainly write in Young Adult and Action/Adventure. But I’m always looking to grow as a writer and try new story types. I invite you to peruse My Books section for titles I think you will enjoy.

Short Bio

Gibson Morales is the award-winning author of the sci-fi action novels The Deadliest Earthling and The Boy Who Wields Thunder. He publishes these under his imprint, Mo Bros Books, which he formed with his brother and writer Vicente. Gibson graduated from USC and lives in Los Angeles. When not writing, Gibson enjoys boxing, most things geek-related, computer science, and traveling.


Welcome to the official website of authorpreneur Gibson Morales (a Mo Bros Books author). I write the sci-fi adventure series, "The Aldrinverse."