What is The Aldrinverse?

The Aldrinverse is a young adult dystopian adventure novel series in which the ancient Anunnaki aliens have taken over Earth. The Aldrinverse examines the Earth decades after this initial take-over, where humans continue to resist against the Anunnaki. But they don’t just use guns and explosives. Since The Aldrinverse is founded on the theory that aliens influenced humanity’s past, ancient mythology (everything from Sumerian creation myths to legends of the Greek gods to Aztec fables) is reinterpreted in an action sci-fi style. For example, the Anunnaki didn’t fly with wings, they flew with anti-gravity boots.

In The Aldrinverse, many of Earth’s greatest mythical artifacts and relics are actually ancient weapons of the Anunnaki that grant the user a superhuman ability. The Aldrinverse centers around a group of teenagers, each of whom uses one or more of these ancient weapons against the Anunnaki.

The Aldrinverse kicks off with The Deadliest Earthling. Set in 2060, The Deadliest Earthling follows teenage military prodigy Johnny Aldrin as he sets off to stop the Anunnaki from unleashing an ancient doomsday weapon of biblical proportions.

The Deadliest Earthling is available here for only $.99.

Below is the full description of The Deadliest Earthling:

When he was six, Johnny’s parents gave their lives to defeat the Anunnaki and free Earth. Except they failed. Ten years of training later, a reluctant Johnny is the best cadet in the Watcher resistance network. He’s not the best because he wants to fight aliens, but because it’s the only way to escape his parents’ tainted legacy. At least, according to The Eagle, the leader of the resistance.

But on the day Johnny is set to graduate and finally put his training into action, the Anunnaki attack his home, New Bagram, forcing a full-scale evacuation. When the dust settles, Johnny vows to protect the surviving New Bagramites, who long for a symbol of hope. His mission: find the four Conifers, alien gems that grant superhuman powers. The good news: he already has one. The bad news: The Anunnaki have three. The worse news: The Anunnaki only need his Conifer to activate a doomsday weapon of biblical proportions.

If Johnny wants to stop the Anunnaki and protect New Bagram’s survivors, he must overcome his resentment over a lost childhood and accept his parents’ legacy. He will have to rely on his combat prowess and learn to trust again. He will have to become the deadliest earthling.


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