My 2018 Release Goals

Update: I’m holding off on the satirical sci-fi novel. Going straight to the space opera.

I’m working on several new stories for 2018. The Aldrinverse series has been pretty fleshed out (I will probably finish the series with a 5th book in 2019), so, for now, I’m shifting gears to other series. The most current entry, The Eagle’s Revenge will be out by the middle of this month. The Eagle’s Revenge will serve as a prequel to The Deadliest Earthling and a sequel to The Eagle’s Last Stand.

Then I’m planning to release a satirical sci-fi novel set in a brand new universe. Consider it a twist on the classic Space Marine-Bug trope (my short story, The Red Queen, was also a twist on that trope, but a much darker one). This one will be more in the vein of, say, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

My big project….

I am also working on a sci-fi space opera epic series. Political intrigue? Check. Advanced interstellar warfare? Check. Space mecha? Check. A ton of alien species ranging from sentient bacteria to 5th dimensional entities? Check. And I haven’t even gotten to the coolest stuff yet.

To put it into perspective, the story bible (a common author tool that contains story notes, character bios, plot elements, setting details, etc) is 30 pages and growing!

I will be publishing both a novel-The Master War (working title)-and a prequel novella-The Harvest (working title)-later this year as part of the new series.

Here’s looking forward to a productive and entertaining new year!

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