The Deadliest Earthlings Slated for 2017 Release

Earlier this year I did some hard thinking about what I wanted to write as well as what I should write. I realized that I needed to complete The Deadliest Earthlings, book 4 in The Aldrinverse. Regardless of what other distractions life brings, I’ve found myself drawn again and again back to the keyboard. I’m now revising the story of Johnny, Olton, and Aladdin’s great adventure together. And the closer I get to finishing the edits, the more excited I get about working on it. I’m hoping to begin serious editing in the summer. If all goes well, The Deadliest Earthlings will be out by October. Is there a chance I will have to delay it? Yes. But I definitely plan to release it around fall. No question. It will be out later this year.


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